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From a mom...

St. Isidore is just what we wanted for our son: a virtuous, Catholic learning environment with structure and flexibility. The farm both gives him an opportunity to grown in wonder at God's amazing creation and learn skills that cannot be obtained in a traditional school. We are grateful for the unique formation

St. Isidore offers. 


We couldn't imagine a better school for our children if we tried. The best thing about St. Isidore from a mom's perspective is the quality of people who surround my kids everyday; It's the love and joyful service poured into every task and it's the classical approach to education that aims to form the whole child that really stands out! 

- Brooke Jimenez (Mom)

My favorite part of St. Isidore this past year was learning nature studies with real animals, phonics and Latin, and having Mrs. Winter read good books to us. - Max, 5 years old (kindergarten) 

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